Reinvest in Our Power

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What is Reinvest in Our Power?

14727216989_bf10491755_zThe Reinvest in Our Power project is a project of the Our Power Campaign through the Reinvest Network that supports mass movement organizations in aligning with frontline communities by campaigning for reinvestment of funds divested from the fossil fuel and prison industries. By leveraging momentum and political power, these organizations will move money into a Financial Cooperative, a democratically-governed cooperative of local revolving loan funds that invest in projects owned and operated by frontline communities to build economic democracy rooted in ecological integrity.

We are forming historic partnerships between the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement, the Our Power campaign, grassroots economic initiatives, technical assistance providers, and justice-oriented financial organizations.


The dominant financial system is organized to control capital in the hands of the few. This capital is the concentrated wealth of communities and ecosystems acquired through extraction; the forcible removal of resources and the exploitation of labor. The Reinvest in Our Power project recognizes the climate and economic crises that are rooted in the ideology of extraction are fundamentally intertwined and must be solved together.

We believe that real solutions to these crises will come from the communities most impacted by them—those with the greatest stake in creating an economy that works for people and the planet. Real solutions build frontline communities’ economic and political power so that they can meaningfully engage in their own governance for the long haul. Non-extractive cooperative financial vehicles owned and run by frontline communities will drive investment toward democratic economic solutions to the climate crisis, shifting ownership and decision-making power to these communities. This will help bring about a just transition.


The project is positioned to flip the inherently extractive dynamic that exists in the current financial system, which accumulates wealth in fewer and fewer hands -- a dynamic that we understand to be a root cause of global human suffering and environmental degradation. We do this by creating democratic and decentralized community-controlled finance. We believe in the right to the resources required for a productive, sustainable and dignified livelihood; and we further believe that finance must be reorganized to serve that purpose. Reinvest In Our Power advances these rights through non-extractive finance and democratically controlled pragmatic projects by and for communities.

These projects will build both economic and political power in communities, creating new centers of gravity that can make the transformation of our economy a reality.


Reinvest_Network_photo_2015_Feb.jpgMembers of the Our Power Campaign and other grassroots partners are teaming up with powerful mass movement organizations working to connect divestment organizing with organizing for economic democracy, and The Working World’s Peer Network of frontline community groups working to build a nationwide network of locally-controlled funds investing in worker and community owned enterprises.

Divestment Campaign Partners: Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, Responsible Endowments Coalition,, New Economy Coalition, Divest/Invest

Peer Network Members Include:

  • The Working World

  • Bay Area: Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project, Prospera, Rich City Rides, TeamWorks, Urban Tilth

  • Los Angeles: Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization, Pacific Electric Worker Owned Cooperative

  • Southeast: Cooperation Jackson, Fund for Democratic Communities, Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Highlander Research and Education Center, Southern Grassroots Economies Project, Southern Reparations Loan Fund

  • Detroit: Soulardarity, East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Conscious Community Cooperative

  • Boston: Boston Workers Alliance, Center for Economic Democracy, City Life / Vida Urbana

  • New York: Watershed Center, WORCs

  • Philadelphia: Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance, Regenerative Finance

  • Baltimore/DC: Red Emma’s, ONE DC, BASE

  • Climate Justice Alliance

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As students with proximity to the incredible wealth of college endowments, we have demonstrated our power to move large amounts of money out of extractive industries, making a powerful political statement. Our goal is to harness that power to move money into real projects that facilitate a just transition out of the fossil fuel economy and into an economy that values land, labor, and life. We are also using the student divestment movement’s megaphone to talk about how to oppose the fossil fuel industry AND actively invest in building a just and livable future.

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Grassroots communities on the frontlines of the extractive economy are developing community-led solutions that build resilience and democratize wealth and keep it local. We are building local infrastructure to foster development of these solutions through local non-extractive loan funds, technical support, and community organizing. Projects are born out of the Just Transition platforms developed in places such as Richmond, California; Jackson, Mississippi; and Detroit Michigan. They will include energy democracy projects such as community owned solar, and food systems transformation through cooperatively owned urban farms and community-owned grocery stores.

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