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Donate to #OurPowerPR Before our Second Solidarity Brigade Heads to Puerto Rico in January

We are excited to report that our first Climate Justice Alliance solidarity brigade of just transition leaders returned from Puerto Rico with many stories of hope. They met with agro-ecologists and members of the labor movement on the island who are making sure local communities in Puerto Rico take charge of their own recovery.


The CJA delegation visited Proyecto Rizoma and Puerta de Tierra, local urban farms members of Organización Boricuá.



Much of the donations are supporting a wide network of members of Organización Boricuá, our partner on the ground in Puerto Rico. They are working towards prioritizing equity and environmental justice, achieving food sovereignty, self-determination and many other just recovery efforts for the people of the island. That’s the kind of just recovery Our Power Puerto Rico is promoting.


A second delegation is gearing up to go to Puerto Rico in January.  DONATE NOW to support these efforts



Take Action








Make a Donation to Support #OurPowerPR 

Your support will go towards the purchase and distribution of Just Recovery supplies to our partners and community allies across the island.


Read and Sign the Petition

Congressional House Representatives will be voting this week on the Federal Aid Package for Puerto Rico before they go on recess. The relief package must include debt relief, the repeal of the Jones Act, transparency in distribution of resources, an assessment of infrastructure, and additional provisions detailed in an online petition that will be delivered to U.S. representatives in Washington DC the day of the mass call to action.


Call Your Representatives

Utilize this tool to contact your representative and tell them:  "We want you to stand with the people of Puerto Rico and demand that Congress pass an immediate federal aid package designed for the Just Recovery and Resilient Rebuilding of Puerto Rico. The relief package must include debt relief, the repeal of the Jones Act, transparency in distribution of resources, an assessment of infrastructure, and additional provisions detailed in an online petition that will be delivered to U.S. representatives in Washington DC the day of the mass actions." Link to the Talking Points.


Donate To Farmers In Puerto Rico!

In the aftermath of the hurricane Maria, help WhyHunger provide immediate support to the Boricuá Organization for Ecologic Agriculture of Puerto Rico, a 28-year old farmer-led organization dedicated to rebuilding the island’s food sovereignty and supporting farmers. These farmers and their work represent a critical piece of food production, health and livelihood in Puerto Rico.


View and Submit Experiences

Post a comment below or upload a video to our Facebook page about how you and/or your community have been impacted by Climate Disasters and short-sighted recovery efforts.


Share on Social Media

We ask that all our members and allies spread word of the launch of the National Call to Action and inspire their communities to come up with or take part in an action to make our demands resonate.  Tag Our Power Campaign on all local activities using#JustRecovery #OurPowerPR on all platforms for Puerto Rico posts so we can repost them or share them and give your activity as much exposure as possible.



January 17th-January 22nd - Meaningful Work Brigade to the Island

January 22nd-27th - First Food Sovereignty Brigade to the Island

January 28th-February 3rd - Second Food Sovereignty Brigade to the Island

Past events 

November 13th-23rd - First OurPowerPR Brigade to the Island, follow along via our instagram account @cjaourpowercampaign or on twitter, @CJAOurPower

November 12th - Stand with Puerto Rico at Boricua Solidarity: We're All in the Same Boat, a day of community, music, and education at Museum Park in Miami. We'd love to see you at this family-friendly event.

November 10th - Join us for Our Power Puerto Rico: Art for Climate Justice from 6-8pm in Miami, FL! New York and Miami-based artists and muralists join together to share climate justice installations and paint banners to decorate our shipping containers bound for Puerto Rico.

October 11th - NYC Demands a Just Recovery for Puerto Rico. Join us in Union Square for the launch of #OurPowerPR! Learn more on Facebook.

October 16th - Join Greenpeace, UPROSE, and CJA for a press conference on the Arctic Sunrise. We're partnering to get Just Recovery materials to communities on the ground. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6, 11am-12:30pm.

October 17th - View the Greenpeace banner drop in support of Puerto Rico from Brooklyn Army Terminal Pier 4! Greenpeace and CJA social media teams will be on site live streaming the Arctic Sunrise's departure from NYC. 

To post an event send information to Lili Molina



Our Power Campaign Page For #OurPowerPR

Petition Link (http://bit.ly/PRJustRecovery)

October 11th Call for National Day of Action Facebook Invite

Donation Link with WhyHunger.org by The Boricuá Organization for Ecological Agriculture of Puerto Rico (Boricuá)

CAP-CEED Report Offers 9 Ways Mayors Can Fight Climate Change and Injustice by Rebuilding and Redesigning Cities

GIS Map of Puerto Rico’s Affected Areas

What is the Jones Act? Why should it be repealed? How does it protect corporate interest?

Why should the Jones Act Be Repealed?

Puerto Rico Debts Total $73 Billion.

Why Puerto Rico’s Debts Should Be Forgiven.

Executive Order 12898

Short summary of Executive Order 12898




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