Our Power Communities: Fostering a Just Transition

The Climate Justice Alliance focuses on supporting and highlighting a core group of “Our Power Communities” that are home to key grassroots groups who are poised to take on the extreme energy interests while creating grassroots solutions for a just transition. They provide diverse examples of urban and rural areas transitioning to local living economies in ways that address each communities unique challenges and builds on its strengths, culture, and history. Through shared work, common messaging, and movement building done in localities across the country, we build our power to shift the political landscape to bring these real solutions to scale.

Each Our Power Community has its own strategies and tactics unique to local circumstances on-the-ground, but all of them include coordinated base-building, communications, direct action, and policy strategies.

Highlighted Our Power Communities


In the coming year, the groups leading the Our Power Campaign in these pilot sites will:

Strengthen Local Coalitions and Develop Just Transition Models

We will move local and state governments to create jobs using models similar to those developed by international climate jobs campaigns. We will support cooperative economic structures to meet community needs in ways that reflect social, economic, and ecological justice. We will support efforts to reclaim community control of land, water, and food systems. This work will be anchored by local grassroots organizations, together with labor unions, food sovereignty groups, environmentalists, and local residents.

Convene Regional & National Our Power Gatherings

We will bring together organizers and activists from frontline communities who are fighting extreme energy projects – such as oil refineries, incinerators, coal-fired power plants, tar sands pipelines, fracking, agro-fuels and industrialized agriculture – to coordinate community-led actions to end extreme energy development and build support for the Our Power campaign. We will provide trainings, logistical and communications support for nationally coordinated days (or rolling days) of action.

Between June 2013 and August 2014, three Our Power Convenings were held in Black Mesa, Detroit, and Richmond bringing together over 600 people from hundreds of organizations to build Our Power.