NoDAPL Call to Action for March 10

Today, police are moving into the Oceti Sakowin camp to arrest and remove any Water Protectors who refuse to leave. This comes as a result of the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) decision to disregard Indigenous sovereignty and rights and grant the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to be built. This is in defiance of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, and in violation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe whose water and land along with 1000s of others will be impacted by the pipeline. This is a clear endorsement of the fossil fuel industry by the billionaire Trump cabinet which continues to operate in conflict of interest of the people.

The Climate Justice Alliance continues to stand with Indigenous communities and the people who have been protecting our Mother Earth from this extractive project and others that will surely follow with presidential endorsement. We are thankful to CJA members who have participated in actions in San Francisco, Bellingham, New York, and in other towns and cities across the country.  As an Alliance we are asking our members to double down on divestment from fossil fuels and in particular to focus on who we can organize and mobilize institutions and cities to do so as well. To date, the Defund DAPL movement has divested nearly $70 million from institutions supporting the pipeline.

Here are suggestions for how to continue to #StandwithStandingRock:

  • Social media

    • Sample FB post (this language comes from the event page for the Native march. Share the event!):

      • I rise in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples across the world and demand that Indigenous Rights be respected. This is not about one tribe but all Native Nations. Take action on March 10 in solidarity with Indigenous peoples!

    • Sample Twitter post:

      • I rise in solidarity w/ Indigenous Peoples and demand that Indigenous Rights be respected. Take action March 10!

    • Also, follow and amplify Indigenous Environmental Network!

Frontline leaders have the solutions

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not have our interests at heart. The cabinet he chose is the richest in history, and includes Energy secretary Rick Perry, who only recently left the board of Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for DAPL. As long as he is president, Trump will continue to side with the ruling class. He will continue to poison our resources and our bodies.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is just one chapter in a legacy of years of economic and energy colonization. While those like Trump champion white supremacy and an economic system that benefits the few at the cost of the many, Indigenous peoples have been on the forefront of a Just Transition. The resistance at Standing Rock has demonstrated that they are usually on the frontline of defending our resources. Indigenous leaders are also on the frontline of creating the solutions, as has been demonstrated by the EcoVillage that will be constructed in North Dakota.


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