JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – CJA Just Transition Loan Fund Project Steward

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Immediate Opening December 2017
Half Time Project Steward for CJA Just Transition Loan Fund Project

Term: Half-time (20 hours per week) non-exempt

Accountability: Reports to the National Organizer, Yuki Kidokoro; Works with members of the CJA JT Loan Committee who represent CJA member organizations

Location: Flexible. Los Angeles, CA preferred.



CJA’s mission is to forge a socially and economically just transition away from an extractive economy and towards healthy, resilient local communities, to address the root causes of climate change.  In 2012, CJA developed the Our Power Campaign engaging 40 member organizations to create a vision that supports local and national campaign goals rooted in front line, community-based struggles, including those of Indigenous peoples, people of color, new immigrants and working class peoples.  CJA seeks to catalyze a broad-based, scalable campaign for transition away from industries that undermine the well-being of human communities and environmental systems – like dirty energy , industrial-scale manufacturing and agribusiness – and transform local economies into models of sustainability, equity, and resilience.  The Campaign supports local organizing through peer-exchange, trainings and direct action, and coalition work to advance policies to end extreme energy and promote climate-protecting jobs.



The Project Steward will provide coordination and loan officer/technical assistance services for the CJA JT Loan Fund, a new loan fund serving the mission of CJA to support just transition projects that are democratically controlled by workers and/or community members. In the initial phase, there are three broad goals: (1) Making at least 1 loan by the end of 2018; (2) Helping CJA partners learn deeply from the initial phase and plan accordingly; and (3) Supporting the infrastructure of the CJA JT Loan Fund. The Project Steward will have primary responsibility for achieving these goals, with the support of the CJA JT Loan Committee and CJA staff. The specific tasks associated with the three goals are:

  1. Work with local CJA member organizations to make at least 1-2 loans by the end of 2018
    1. Identify a strong pool of potential projects that meet our criteria.
    2. Build relationships with selected projects to better understand their needs and to assess their readiness for lending and technical assistance.
    3. Prepare selected projects for lending, including providing technical assistance and helping them complete a loan application accompanied by planning and financial materials.
    4. After the loans are made, continue to partner and support the projects that have received lending to ensure their success and the success of the loans. This includes providing  technical assistance and/or helping the projects secure additional technical assistance as needed.
  2. Help CJA partners learn deeply from the pilot test and plan accordingly.
    1. Evaluate pilot procedures and experiences.
    2. Reflect on how well we have been able to match our lending and procedures with the goals of CJA.
    3. Identify critical issues to be figured out to make CJA JT Loan Fund a viable, sustainable loan fund.
    4. Make formal recommendations to CJA regarding next steps for the CJA JT Loan Fund in the form of a written report and/or conducting a work session with the CJA JT Loan Committee.
  3. Work with the Loan Committee & CJA staff team to support the infrastructure of the CJA JT Loan Fund.
    1. Develop and test pilot loan procedures (developing criteria for lending, loan applications, processes for evaluating loan requests, etc).
    2. Map and network technical assistance capabilities in the region.
    3. Develop materials that explain the CJA JT Loan Fund (website, brochures, etc) suitable for multiple audiences (TA partners, borrowers, donors, investors).
    4. Work out arrangements for holding and spending funds.
    5. Contribute to quarterly written reports to the CJA Steering Committee.



The successful candidate for this position will be:

  • A community organizer who has one foot in social justice organizing and another in business development

  • Experienced in coalition work and coordinating/drawing on the resources of people from multiple organizations

  • Experienced in writing business plans, including work on financial documents (e.g., projections, budgets, capital plans), and analyzing business opportunities

  • Knowledgeable about the CJA just transition framework and landscape

  • Connected to cooperatives and the cooperative movement

  • A clear, and coherent communicator in both written and oral forms

  • Personally well-organized and able to create and maintain appropriate online and physical files and communications systems

  • Available to attend CJA meetings including CJA Loan Fund Committee Meetings

  • Available to participate in all conference calls of the CJA Loan Fund Committee

  • At least some training and/or experience in lending and underwriting

CJA is a fiscally-sponsored project of Movement Strategy Center (MSC).   CJA values-based alliance with a deep commitment to building transformative culture and challenging racism, sexism, homophobia, and oppression in all its forms.  CJA is committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds and challenging patterns of political marginalization and oppression.

CJA is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or belief, disability, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law. People of Color, working-class people, differently-abled people, and LGBTQ persons are strongly encouraged to apply.

Competitive wage and benefits offered.  Please send a brief cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and three references to yuki@ourpowercampaign.orgwith the Subject Line: “CJA JT Loan Fund Project Steward Application” by November 30, 2017.  Please send your application as either a Word doc or pdf.

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Campaign launched by the Climate Justice Alliance - Communities United for A Just Transition.

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