Creative Action: It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm

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It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm

Our Power Campaign: It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm

Make Art for Climate Justice!

The Our Power Campaign has adopted the message that It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm to illustrate the power of community led solutions for ensuring a just transition away from the dig, burn and dump economy that is at the root of our climate crisis to a future rooted in local, living economies.

Examples of such solutions include the creation of regional food systems, zero waste systems, public transportation, clean community energy, efficient and affordable durable housing, and ecosystem restoration and stewardship.

One way we can popularize our message is to make art that can be shared online or printed for posters and cards. For example, see the beautiful image at right, created by Bec Young of for Our Power, that we are featuring along with our People’s Climate March Call to Action.

We’re calling on artists, poets, and musicians to submit your work to be utilized in spreading our message through a variety of platforms and mediums.


Create art that illustrates our message that it will take grounded community solutions to create a just transition from the dig, burn and dump economy to local, living economies that value community and culture. In other words, It takes roots to weather the storm. 

Your submission will be featured on this webpage, and promoted through our social media platforms and other venues, utilizing a creative commons license that works may be utilized for non-commercial purposes, but not modified without permission of the artist  (we reserve the right to not publish submissions if they are not appropriate to the Our Power Campaign).

  • All images should have the words “It takes roots to weather the storm” incorporated, and “” at the bottom.
  • Image size must be high resolution (300 ppi), 18 x 24 inches with a 1/2 inch border all the way around, so that it is printable.

Submitting your piece:

  • Email poetry or music submissions to
  • Upload your art piece here:

Description or Artist Credit

Community-Produced Artwork for Our Power Campaign

Click on each image to see a larger version!