Ironbound Community Corporation Quilt Square

On August 11, the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) held a protest outside the Seton Hall Law School against the 2011 Energy Master Plan. The protest was part of the Summer of Our Power, and soon after Ironbound presented their quilt square as part of the relay.

Ironbound Community Corporation Quilt Square


ICC quilt square

via Molly Greenberg from ICC

“Ironbound quilt is ready to travel! Designed with some help from our people and made by the talented Isella Ramirez!”

-via Molly Greenberg, ICC


ICC quilt 2

via Molly Greenberg from ICC

Here are some moments from the event:





The Ironbound Community Corporation is a multicultural, multiracial organization founded in 1969 that aims to empower urban individuals, families and groups in order to move towards a just and sustainable economy. Some of their recent accomplishmentsinclude assisting in preventing the displacement of tenants at Terrell Homes in Newark, developing community gardens, and opening an Early Head Start Center.

Here’s a little bit of that they’ve been working on this summer, via social media:


ironbound post 1

via Ironbound Community Corporation on Facebook, June 4, 2015


“Join us tomorrow at our Early Learning Center for our Summer Health Fair!! 1pm-5pm at 1 New York Ave.

Free health screenings and testing, activities, games and more!

Check out the flyers for more details!”

-via ICC on Facebook, June 4, 2015













“ICC has established the Sr. Carol Memorial Fund to preserve and honor the memory of Sr. Carol Johnston, fierce advocate and protector of the Earth, and champion of Newark residents’ rights and access to the River.

Click the link below to make a contribution and join us on Saturday, September 26th at 11:00 am as we dedicate a stone and tree in her memory, in the space she so passionately fought to create: Riverfront Park.

Thank you.

Click here to make a donation:

-via ICC on Facebook, June 8, 2015



ironbound post 2

via Ironbound Community Corporation on Facebook, June 14, 2015

“We’re so proud to have participated in this year’s Portugal Day Parade- and with such a great showing!!! Lots of, kids, families, community leaders and residents marched with us!! Next up: River Day! See you on the 20th!”

-via ICC on Facebook, June 14, 2015







“With our friends at La Casa de Don Pedro, at #‎EngageLocal, national conference on local media here in Newark. ThanksMontclair State University! Community news reporting is critical to a vibrant and uplifted City. Let’s continue to tell our stories.#‎ReportforAmerica –Dodge Foundation

-via ICC on Facebook, June 16, 2015


ironbound post 3

via Rising Tide Capital on Facebook, June 17, 2015

“Thank you so much to our community partner Ironbound Community Corporationfor hosting our Community Business Academy (CBA) Information Session last night! #10YearsRising

A huge congratulations to our new Spanish Language Program Coordinator Jessenia Silverio on presenting her first CBA information session.”

-via Rising Tide Capital on Facebook, June 17, 2015





ironbound post 4

via Ironbound Community Corporation on Facebook, June 17, 2015

“Can’t wait for Saturday’s Walk to the River!! See you there!”

-via ICC on Facebook, June 17, 2015











“Check out the article below and read our former Environmental Justice Director, current Board Member and lifelong Ironbound resident, Ana Baptista share insight on the Exxon Deal, the Newark Bay and its impact on health and justice for Ironbound and Greater Newark.

“Growing up I saw the water as a space to fear, to stay away from its pollution,” she says. “A lot of people grew up without knowing they were growing up near water because the industrial uses cut off our view of it.”

“We stripped Newark Bay from its status as a natural system, like a river, and turned into a channel by which we do commerce,” she adds. “As a result, in the collective public imagination, we have lost the reality that it was once a functioning ecological system that sustained life.”

Molly Greenberg, ICC’s Envrironmental Policy Manager adds “The communities that have been violated by these facilities and industries using these terrible practices that went unregulated for a time are the ones that deserve the recovery.”

Read the full article & Raise YOUR Voice! Demand that the polluters pay for ALL of the damages!
Copy/paste into your browser and sign on:

-via Ironbound Community Corporation on Facebook, June 22, 2015

“ICC stands in solidarity with Newark public housing residents (including Pennington Court, Hyatt Court and Terrell Homes) who participated in a meeting with the Newark Housing Authority, demanding that concerns of deplorable conditions in their homes be addressed. See the coverage below:”

-via ICC on Facebook, June 30, 2015

“ICC is so excited to be partner with AeroFarms, providing job screening and training to Newark residents and getting them to good jobs. Thanks to all of the partners for working with us to uplift our community and our City!

Check out the write-up on the groundbreaking:”

-via ICC on Facebook, July 13, 2015

ironbound post 5

via Ironbound Community Corporation on Facebook, July 29, 2015

“Tomorrow we will be participating in a NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION for#‎ZEROEMISSIONS from goods movement industries. ICC is part of theMoving Forward Network, and together we are working to reduce toxic pollution from ships, trains, and trucks!

WHAT: Truck Count & Community Walking Tour
WHEN: Thursday JULY 30th – 2015
9AM – 11AM 
WHERE: meet on the corner of St. Charles St / Rome Street in Newark, NJ

9AM – Welcome & Coffee
9:30AM – Truck Count
10:30AM – Walking Tour”

-via ICC on Facebook, July 29, 2015

“Here is a great video by NJTVNEWS on our Truck Count & Walking Tour from last week:”

-via ICC on Facebook, August 3, 2015


For more moments from ICC’s summer via Twitter, visit:

Ironbound Community Corporation Facebook page:

Ironbound Community Corporation page:

Energy Action Day event page:


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