Climate Disaster Relief

With the unprecedented destruction in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, and Maria, two recent earthquakes in Mexico, catastrophic flooding in Asia, record-breaking heat waves in California, and raging wildfires across the West, we are witnessing the new normal of catastrophic climate change. The response from the federal government has been insufficient so the Climate Justice Alliance and our allies are mobilizing to provide a Just Recovery where government resources are not meeting the needs of its citizens.

Last week, CJA held its first national call in response to these escalating climate disasters to share what our member groups are experiencing on the ground in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. We are moving into our second phase of work with frontline groups on the ground to assess and rebuild with a collective vision for a Just Recovery. As It Takes Roots, we are tracking ways to support frontline communities on the ground in the regions impacted by these climate disasters. We are also working with local grassroots groups and networks to provide crucial resources and support to those in immediate need.

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