CJA Position Statements

1. Partial Press Roundup:

  1. From Occupy to Climate Justice: CJA in The Nation.
  2. CJA in USA Today — as core organizers of the People’s Climate March.

2. CJNNA! Draft Manifesto (May 2010)

A key moment in the foundation of the CJ Alliance happened at a May 2010 Alignment meeting held in Occidental, California. Around 30 people crucial to the formation of CJA gathered and agreed on the need and the direction for a formation that could unite through a just transition strategy rooted in frontline communities. This powerful manifesto was produced as a result of that process.

3. USSF Eco-justice People’s Movement Assembly Resolution (June 2010)

During the US Social Forum in Detroit in June 2010, CJA groups worked together to host and facilitate the Eco-Justice People’s Movement Assembly. Through that assembly, this resolution was produced, as a united call from US social movements to fight for climate justice.

4. Grassroots Organizing Cools the Planet: Letter from the Grassroots to 1Sky (October 2010)

In 2010, 1Sky published a letter calling for grassroots organizing in the US to address climate change. In October of that year, CJA groups wrote this collective letter in response. It names the long history of organizing frontline communities have been engaged in to fight for climate justice in the US, and outlines strategies moving forward.

5. One Million Climate Jobs Campaign (South Africa) Brochure (December 2011)

At the UN Framework on Climate Change in 2011, in Durban, South Africa, we learned of the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign – an alliance of labor, social movements and other civil society organizations in South Africa that are mobilizing for “climate jobs” which are defined as “decent, people and publicly-driven jobs that reduce the causes and impacts of climate change.” The Our Power Campaign is deeply inspired by, and in solidarity with, this campaign, as well as other international climate justice movements. Read this brochure for more information on the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign.

6. CJA Hurricane Sandy Solidarity Statement (November 2012)

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in November 2012, the CJA wrote this collective solidarity statement to those impacted by the storm and its aftermath. We were inspired by the incredible grassroots organizing happening to bring effective relief efforts to low-income communities, including the work of CAAAV in NY City.

7. CJA Solidarity Statement with Idle No More (January 2013)

The CJA wrote this solidarity statement during the exciting launch of the Idle No More movement, that sparked mass actions in native and First Nations communities across Canada, the US and internationally.

8. Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

On December 6-8, 1996, forty people of color and European-American representatives met in Jemez, New Mexico, for the “Working Group Meeting on Globalization and Trade.” The Jemez meeting was hosted by the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice with the intention of hammering out common understandings between participants from different cultures, politics and organizations. The “Jemez Principles” for democratic organizing were adopted by the participants. CJA commits to these principles.