Basic Info & Goals

Date: Aug 6-9, 2014
Location: Peres Elementary School
 (719 5th Street, Richmond, CA)

The 2014 Our Power National Convening seeks to:

    • Highlight and build the Our Power Campaign in Richmond
    • Strategize across frontline communities impacted by fossil fuels
    • Build relationships to deepen and expand the Our Power Campaign locally in Richmond and Nationally
    • Expand the Our Power base of supporters locally, nationally, and internationally
    • Grow grassroots knowledge and skills building to WIN

The 2014 Our Power National Convening will unite local and national frontline communities, community-based organizations, environmentalists, labor unions, climate activists, food justice groups, and our allies to advance a Just Transition strategy that serves our communities, heals the planet, empowers the people and improves our quality of life.  Just Transition is the pathway from a pollution-based extractive economy (dependent on energy like nuclear, fracking, and dirty Tar Sands oil) to implementing a strategy to build local living economies that is environmentally grounded, produce community wellbeing, democratize decision-making, and promote local control of resources (including land, water, and food systems).

The 2014 Our Power National Convening is hosted by the Richmond Environmental Justice Coalition (REJC), along with theClimate Justice Alliance (CJA).  The Our Power Campaign is a growing national movement led by the Climate Justice Alliance, working to build interconnected power bases of impacted communities across the US to end the era of extreme energy and implement a Just Transition to local living economies.

Richmond, California is one of a growing number of “Our Power Communities” of the Our Power Campaign and is home to the 3,000 acre Chevron Oil Refinery – one of the largest stationary greenhouse gas emitters in the State of California, causing profound respiratory and health illnesses.  Richmond is at the frontline of climate struggles and challenging a pollution based economy.  Our grassroots environmental justice community is building our organizing power with community members and partners towards making a healthy, clean, green, democratic and equitable economy for Richmond.

The Our Power National Convening will have a special focus on bringing together frontline communities impacted by fossil fuel infrastructure projects like crude and coal by rail, refinery expansions and pipelines, while centering community-led, solution-oriented just transition strategies.  The REJC, which is developing a Just Transition platform, is working to create jobs that foster healthy communities in Richmond by building up the local economy through the arenas of clean community power, local food systems, cooperatives and strengthened housing rights, while addressing pollution, health, and safety issues at the Chevron refinery and in the community.


The National Our Power Convening will have over 350 local and national participants from frontline communities and allies from across the country who are organizing to build healthy and more resilient communities while fighting back against climate destructive projects in their community.  One of the main goals of the convening is to prioritize frontline communities and communities of color.   Existing national partners and members of the Our Power Campaign from the Climate Justice Alliance and Grassroots Global Justice membership will be given priority.  Space is limited.